Toyota Camry Bolt Torque Specifications

by Chris Moore
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Torque specifications for parts on a Toyota Camry can depend on a number of factors, including engine type and the manufacturer of the parts. The model year of the car can also make a difference. Torque specifications of each component's fasteners are vital to the stability of the engine and frame.

Fluid Pans

The oil pan under the car is mounted with bolts tightened to around 80 inch-pounds. The pan that contains the automatic transmission fluid is mounted with its bolts tightened to approximately 69 inch-pounds; the drain plug is tightened to 35 to 36 foot-pounds. A manual transmission does not have a pan but the drain and fill plugs have the same torque as the drain plug on the automatic.


As a general rule, a four-cylinder engine requires more torque than a V-6. The throttle body is mounted to a torque of less than 100 inch-pounds for a V-6 engine or 20 to 22 foot-pounds for a four-cylinder. The fuel rail is usually mounted at a torque of 84 to 180 inch-pounds. The spark plugs torque from 160 inch-pounds to 20 foot-pounds. The intake manifold typically requires from 130 inch-pounds to 22 foot-pounds, while the exhaust manifold nuts and bolts are from 27 to 36 foot-pounds.


The brake calipers are often mounted at a torque of 25 foot-pounds, while the torque plate bolts are about 79 foot-pounds for the front brakes and 34 to 46 foot-pounds for the rear. The brake hoses connect to the caliper with a banjo bolt at a torque of about 22 foot-pounds. This can vary depending on whether the Camry uses TMC brand or TMMK brand brakes.


Most bolts fastening the ball joints to the steering knuckles and control arms require a torque of just over 90 foot-pounds. The struts have upper mounting nuts tightened to 30 (rear struts) or 60 (front) foot-pounds; the bolts connecting it to the steering knuckle are around 155 foot-pounds and the damper shaft nut is around 35 foot-pounds. The stabilizer bar connects to the strut with a link whose bolts have a torque of 30 (rear) to 55 (front) foot-pounds.

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