Massey Ferguson 35 Torque Specifications

by Steve Johnson
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The Massey Ferguson 35 was a farm tractor that was produced by Massey Ferguson from 1960 until 1965. Officially dubbed as the "MF35," it was a result of the merging between Massey-Harris and Harry Ferguson in 1953. In 1958, the diesel option for MF tractors was made available when the company acquired F. Perkins Ltd., which was a diesel engine manufacturer in England. The MF35 was the base tractor sold by the company during the early 1960s, and its engine options included the 23C and the A3.152 engines.

23C Engine Torque and Specs

The 23C was MF35's Standard Engine. This particular engine was made with four cylinders and a displacement of 137.89 cubic inches. Its crankshaft torque was rated at 100 foot-pounds at 1,600 rpm. Its bore and stroke was 3.31-by-4 inches, and its compression ratio was 20-to-1. Its rated output was 37.25 BHP, and its Belt Power was rated at 3.59 BHP.

Its connecting Rod Bolts tightening torque was rated at 65 to 70 foot-pounds, while its cylinder head-manifolds were rated at 22 to 24 foot-pounds. The engine's cylinder head had a tightening torque rated at 100 to 105 foot-pounds.

Perkins A3.152 Engine Torque and Specs

The Perkins A3.152 engine was an optional engine equipped on the MF35. It came standard with three cylinders, and its bore and stroke was 3.6-by-5 inches. It had a displacement of 152.7 cubic inches, and its compression ratio was 17.4-to-1. It had the same torque and power output as the 23C engine.

As for the engine's tightening torques, its cylinder head nuts had a specification of 55 to 60 foot-pounds of torque, while its connecting rod nuts were rated at 70 to 80 foot-pounds. The main bearing set screws had a tightening torque that ranged between 110 and 120 foot-pounds.

MF35 Chassis and Dimension

The MF35 came standard with a two-wheel drive chassis drive train and an independent rear drum brake. It had a wheelbase of 72 inches and an overall length of 117 inches. Its overall height was 54 inches while its overall width was 64 inches. Its ground clearance was 12.2 inches, and it weighed 5,909 lbs.

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