Toyota 4 Runner Bumper Removal

by Cassandra Cochrun

You might need to remove your 4Runner's bumper for maintenance, repairs or replacements, or to install an aftermarket upgrade. The exact procedure for removing the bumper might vary from year to year, so you should check with your owner's manual before removing your bumper.

Front Bumper

The front bumper of the Toyota 4Runner is held on by six bolts. There are two on the brackets on the frame on each side and one by each wheel well. You should loosen all of these bolts. Then disconnect the wires running to the driving lights, if your 4Runner is equipped with them. Remove all six bolts holding the bumper onto the body of the car. Pull the bumper out and away from the vehicle. You might need someone to help you do this, as the bumper is heavy.

Back Bumper

The 4Runner's rear bumper is body mounted. You usually do not need to remove the rear bumper at all if you're installing a lift kit. Loosen the bolts on the rear bumper reinforcement to remove body mounts. Loosen the four mounts on the lift side, then loosen the mounts on the right side. European Corvette recommends working side to side in this way when you're removing body mounts like those on the rear bumper of the 4Runner. Working side to side ensures one side of the bumper doesn't fall off while the other side is still attached to the body of the car.

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