How to Tow a Saturn

by Theresa Thompson

Towing cars behind recreational vehicles, campers or trucks can create dangerous situations--to the cars and to other drivers. If you hook up the car improperly, it can come loose from the towing vehicle and create an accident. Saturn cars hook up to towing equipment with little trouble. Learning how to hook your Saturn to a truck or RV can ensure your family has an extra car on vacation and a safer journey.

Park the Saturn on as flat a surface as possible.

Hook the tow plate to the two chassis bars on the front of the Saturn. Most tow plates go on this way, but installation may vary by brand.

Slip the tow bar over the ball hitch of the towing vehicle.

Inspect and tighten all loose bolts on the tow bar and the tow plate using the bolt wrench.

Loop the tow vehicle's safety cables beneath the Saturn, clasping them around either the motor mounts or left quarter panels of the car's frame.

Set the transmission in neutral and lock the car. Because the Saturn has an electric odometer, the mileage on the car will not increase.


  • check Do not let the cables hang on the ground, as this could cause sparks.

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