How to Top Up Water on a Smart Car

by Michael Roennevig

If your Smart car's water coolant tank is not kept adequately filled, you run the risk of your engine overheating and the very real possibility of a costly garage bill and some time driving a rental. You can't just fill the tank with normal water from a tap. These cars require a special coolant.


Step 1

Pull back the carpet on the bottom of the trunk to reveal the engine hatch.

Step 2

Take the cap off the water cooler thank and and pour in your coolant. There's a mark on the side of the water tank designating the maximum amount of coolant you should pour in.

Replace the cap, engine hatch and carpet.


Step 1

Remove the plastic grille below the front windscreen on the right hand side of your car.

Step 2

Push the tab at the top of the unit and pull it out to reveal the coolant tank.

Remove the cap from the tank and fill it with coolant to just below the plastic indent toward the top.

Smart 999cc

Step 1

Open the hood and remove the coolant cap.

Step 2

Fill the tank to the highest marker on the side.

Replace the cap and close the hood.

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