How to Clean Coolant From Auto Carpet

by Angela LaFollette
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Antifreeze spills on auto carpet occur quite frequently. If the coolant is not properly sealed, the chances of a spill increase. Sometimes the coolant can leak inside the car because of a car malfunction that needs to be repaired. Cleaning antifreeze from auto carpet will require hard work, and needs to be attended to immediately to prevent the stain from permanently setting in the carpet. If the stain remains untreated, the carpet will more than likely need to be replaced.

Step 1

Wear rubber gloves to protect your hands. Use an old washcloth or paper towels to soak up the excess antifreeze. Do not press or rub on the area. Lay the absorbent cloth on top of the coolant, and allow it to soak up the antifreeze for one to two minutes. Throw away the cloth after you finish by placing it in a sealed container away from children and pets.

Step 2

Flush out the antifreeze with water. Pour one cup of cold water over the spilled coolant. Saturate the area with the water to dilute the glycol in the coolant.

Step 3

Use a wet/dry vacuum to remove the coolant. Use the hose to suction up the antifreeze and water.

Step 4

Add a degreasing cleanser to the carpet. Use a commercial cleaner that has a scent to help mask the coolant smell. Follow the directions on the cleanser, and then use the shop vacuum to remove the cleaner from the carpet.

Step 5

Continue applying the cleanser to the carpet and vacuuming it out until the carpet does not appear greasy.

Step 6

Dry the area off with a towel. Blot the soaked area with a clean and dry towel to remove any additional moisture. Leave your car door open to help air out the smell, and allow the air to circulate to speed up the drying time.

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