TO-30 Ferguson Tractor Tune up Specifications

by John Stevens J.D.

The Ferguson TO-30 was a heavy-duty industrial tractor manufactured during the early 1950s. The single-seat tractor was equipped with a four-cylinder gasoline engine. As with all engines, the TO-30's engine requires regular maintenance, including periodic tune ups. Although the engine features a fairly simple design, strictly adhering to the factory tune up specifications will help ensure that the engine operates properly.

Spark Plug Gap

Spark plug gap refers to the distance, as measured in inches, between the two metal electrodes at the tip of the spark plug. Failing to adjust this distance to the proper specification can result in poor idle quality, hesitation and excessive fuel consumption. Adjust the TO-30's spark plug gap to 0.025 inches with a blade-style feeler gauge.

Ignition Point Gap

Within the distributor, and concealed by the distributor cap, is a component that resembles a pair of tweezers. This component is called the ignition points assembly. As the distributor shaft rotates, ridges on the side of the shaft rub against the assembly and cause its tips to open and close. "Gap" refers to the distance between these two tips, as measured in inches, at their extreme open position. Adjust the gap to 0.020 inches with a blade-style feeler gauge.

Ignition Timing

Ignition timing refers to the point at which the number one spark plug fires. The number one spark plug on the TO-30 is the spark plug at the front of the engine. You adjust the timing by viewing the timing mark with a timing light while rotating the distributor. The timing mark is located on the flywheel.

Valve Clearances

Valve clearance refers to the distance, as measured in inches, between the bottom of the rocker arm and the top of that rocker arm's valve. The distance is adjusted by tightening or loosening the rocker arm's adjusting nut. Allow the engine to warm up before adjusting the valves. The valve clearance for both the intake and exhaust valves is 0.014 inches.

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