Kohler K321 Engine Specs

by KW Schumer

Kohler began marketing engines in 1920 when it introduced a generator powered by a four-cylinder engine. In 1948, Kohler began manufacturing small stand-alone engines for industrial use. Its K-series line of gasoline- and diesel-powered small engines, including the K321, are used to power construction equipment and welders, lawn mowers and garden tractors, outdoor equipment like pressure washers and off-road vehicles.

General Specifications

The Kohler K-Series engine model number K321 has a 3.50 inch (88.9mm) bore. The stroke is 3.25 inches (82.6mm). The approximate weight of a Kohler K321 engine is 118 lbs. (53.5kg); its maximum power is rated at 14 hp (10.4 kw) at 3600 RPM. The displacement is 31.3 cubic inches (512 cubic cm).

Ignition Specifications

The manufacturer's recommended type of spark plug to use in the K321 engine is a Champion RH10 or an equivalent. The point gap is determined by the ignition type: Magneto requires a gap of .0.025 inches (0.65mm); battery (breakerless) is 0.035 inches (0.90mm); and 0.018 inches (0.45mm) for gas-fueled. The nominal breaker point gap is 0.020 inches (0.50mm).


The 14 hp K321 engine has a valve guide reamer size of .3125 inches. The nominal angle valve seat is 45 degrees. The minimum valve stem O.D. is .3103 inches for the intake valve, .3074 inches for the exhaust.

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