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Dodge Engine 5.2 Specs

by Dan Ketchum

The term "Dodge 5.2" is shorthand for 5.2-liter Dodge engines. These eight-cylinder engines have been used by Dodge---a company under the Chrysler brand---since the mid-1980s. The 5.2 is equipped in many pickup trucks, though it has appeared in vans and even sedans. While specifications may vary per specific year and model, most of the 5.2-liter engines' baseline specs remain consistent.

Basic Specifications

Dodge's 5.2-liter engine features a V-type eight-cylinder construction with a 318-cubic inch displacement. The 5.2-liter 318 CID is a lightweight, single cam engine with hydraulic roller tappets. Its cylinder blocks and cylinder heads are made of cast-iron, and its camshaft is made of nodular cast-iron. The engine's bore is 3.91 inches with a 3.31-inch stroke, and its compression ratio is 9.1: 1 with a throttle body bore of 50 millimeters. Dodge's 5.2 produces 230 horsepower at 4,400 rotations per minute. Its torque clocks in at 300 ft.-lbs. at 3,200 RPM. The cylinders fire in 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2 order. This engine holds up to five quarts of oil. For cooling, the 5.2 relies on a liquid-cooled, forced-circulation system. The engine runs on unleaded fuel with a minimum octane rating of 87; in terms of fuel efficiency, most vehicles equipped with a Dodge 5.2-liter engine average 11 to 18 miles per gallon.


The 5.2-liter features overhead valves with 0.017 maximum allowable inches of stem-to-guide clearance. At face angle, intake and exhaust valves rest between 43.25 and 43.75 degrees. Seat angle intake and exhaust valves are 44.25 to 44.75 degrees. The intake valves feature a head diameter of 1.916 inches while exhaust valves measure 1.624 inches in diameter.


Dodge's 5.2-liter 318 CID's crankshaft uses a connecting rod with a diameter of 53.950 to 53.975 millimeters. The shaft's maximum out-of-round measures 0.0254 millimeters as does its taper. Its maximum allowable clearance is 0.0635 millimeters. The crankshaft's main bearings have a diameter of between 63.487 and 63.513 millimeters, with maximum out-of-rounds and tapers coming in at 0.0254 millimeters.


Dodge uses the 5.2-liter engine in a variety of vehicle models. During the mid- to late-1980s, Dodge equipped the 5.2 in the Ramcharger truck, the Diplomat sedan, the W-Series pickup, the B350 minivan and the Ram Maxivan full-sized van. In the 1990s and 2000s, Dodge put the 5.2 engine in its Ram and Ramcharger trucks and the Durango sport utility vehicle.

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