Ford E-250 Specs

by Julia Salgado

Vehicles from Ford's E-series of commercial vans have become a common sight on America's roads in recent years, due to their affordability and reliability. This omnipresence has earned the series the reputation for being the backbone of American business, thanks to the constant use of E-series vehicles in delivering and transporting materials across the country. The E-250 is the E-series' foray into the 250cc engine class, meaning it is a smaller vehicle with less cargo space but works out to be less expensive to run.

Engine and Performance Specs

The Ford E-250 has a V-8 engine with 280.71 cubic inches of displacement. The displacement of an engine is the combined fuel capacity of all the cylinders in the engine. A V8 engine consists of an engine block with two banks of four cylinders mounted on a central camshaft in a V-shape. The vehicle has a maximum power output of 225 horsepower, which it delivers at 4,800 rpm. The engine's maximum torque --- or turning force --- of 286 pound per foot is delivered at 3,500 rpm. The E-250 is rear wheel drive and has a turning radius of 24.3 inches. It can carry 35 gallons in its fuel tank.

Exterior Dimensions

The standard E-250 is 216.7 inches long, although extended versions are available that are 236.4 inches in length. All models are 79.4 inches wide, and the standard version is 84.8 inches in height, 0.2 inches shorter than the extended model at 85 inches. The distance between the front and back axles --- also known as the wheelbase --- on all models is 138 inches, and both the standard and extended versions have a weight of 8,900 pounds when fully loaded; this is called the gross weight. The unladen weight of the vehicle is 5,313 pounds for the standard model and 5,438 for the extended version; this is known as the vehicle's curb weight.

Interior Dimensions

All models of the vehicle have a front cab with a 42 inches of head room, 68 inches of shoulder room, 66 inches of hip room and 40 inches of leg room. A rear seat is an optional extra. The standard version of the E-250 has a maximum cargo capacity of 230.6 cubic feet, compared to the 271.3 cubic feet for the extended model.

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