1970 Ford F250 Specifications

by Jay LeoneUpdated March 16, 2018
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The very first automobile manufactured by the Ford Motor Company was offered in 1903. Over the decades, Ford has offered many different lines of vehicles including the Ford F250. Ford’s F-Series of pickup trucks was first introduced to consumers in 1948 and is still in production as of 2010. The premier F250 truck first saw production lines in 1953. The 1970 Ford F250 is part of Ford’s fifth generation of F250 trucks.

Engine Specifications

In 1970, Ford fitted its F250 line of pickup trucks with engines also manufactured by the Ford Motor Company. The 1970 model of Ford’s F250 is fitted with an engine that features a 249.5-cubic-inch piston displacement. This six-cylinder engine offers an in-line orientation. The bore and stroke on the 1970 model of Ford’s F250 pickup truck is 3.68 inches by 3.91 inches. This truck’s engine offers a compression ratio of around 9.1-to-1 and a power-to-weight ratio in the 26.9 horsepower/pound range. The engine fitted into this year’s F250 can produce a maximum 212.4 foot-pounds torque. In terms of horsepower, this engine offers a 123.3-horsepower output.


All 1970 Ford F250’s were assembled to the same exterior dimensions. From the ground to the top of the cab, the 1970 Ford F250 is 72.0 inches tall. This pickup truck was manufactured to a width of 79.6 inches. Ford designed this F250 to a length of 211.0 inches, bumper to bumper. Wheelbase, or the distance between the middle of this Ford’s rear axle to the middle of its front wheel, measures 132.9 inches. This particular model of pickup truck offers a 65.5-inch front track and a 64.8-inch rear track. This vehicle is capable of making a 50.6-foot turning circle

Other Specifications

This automobile was designed to run on standard leaded gasoline. Fuel is delivered to the engine in the 1970 Ford F250 via a carburetor system. The transmission system designed into this model of Ford pickup truck is a four-speed manual. This truck is a rear-wheel drive vehicle. The braking system offers front disc brakes and rear drum brakes. The 1970 Ford F250’s curb weight is 4,067.5 pounds while gross vehicle weight is 7,605.9 pounds. A total of three seats are featured in the interior of Ford’s 1970 model F250 pickup truck.

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