1984 Chevy Half-Ton Specifications

by Christine Wheatley
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Chevrolet, a well-known producer of domestic trucks, has been manufacturing versions of the half-ton truck since 1918. Considered a full-size light-duty pickup, the half-ton truck got its name because of the payload size it could haul. In 1984, Chevy's half-ton two-wheel-drive truck was labeled the C10, while the four-wheel-drive truck was called the K10. Chevy used this C/K designation on Chevy trucks until 1999, when it was replaced with the "Silverado" name. The 1984 C/K10 pickup was available as a four-door crew cab truck or a two-door regular cab truck, in short-bed or long-bed models.


The Chevy C/K10 had several engine options for 1984. A 250 cubic-inch in-line six engine was offered with 130 horsepower (hp) and 210 foot-pounds of torque. This engine had a bore of 3.875 inches and a stroke of 3.53 inches. Also available was a 305 cubic-inch V-8 engine with 160 hp, 235 foot-pounds of torque, a bore of 3.736 inches and a stroke of 3.48 inches. The company offered another 305 cubic-inch V-8 engine with 155 hp and 240 foot-pounds of torque. A 350 cubic-inch V-8 engine came with 175 hp, 275 foot-pounds of torque, a 4-inch bore and a 3.48-inch stroke. Beginning in 1983, a diesel engine became available on the truck: it was a V-8 engine displacing 379 cubic inches with 135 hp and 240 foot-pounds of torque.


Transmissions on the Chevy C/K10 truck included a three-speed TH400 automatic that had a 2.48-to-1 first gear ratio, a 1.48-to-1 second gear ratio and a 1-to-1 third gear ratio. Chevy also offered a three-speed 700R automatic; this was the first automatic overdrive transmission that GM produced. It had a first gear ratio of 3.06-to-1, a second gear ratio of 1.62-to-1 and a third gear ratio of 1-to-1. A four-speed SM465 was one of the manual transmission options; it had a 6.58-to-1 first gear ratio, a 3.58-to-1 second gear ratio, a 1.57-to-1 third gear ratio and a 1-to-1 fourth gear ratio. Also available was the M20 Muncie, a four-speed manual with a first gear ratio of 6.55-to-1, a second gear ratio of 3.58-to-1, a third gear ratio of 1.70-to-1 and a fourth gear ratio of 1-to-1.


Dimensions of the Chevy C/K10 varied according to its drive type and bed size. The wheelbase of the short-bed truck measured 117 inches; its length was 191.3 inches. On the long-bed model, the wheelbase was 131.5 inches while the length was 212 inches. The height was 65.8 inches on the C10 truck and 72 inches on the K10 truck. All truck models had a front track measuring 65.8 inches and a rear track of 62.7 inches.

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