How to Remove a Spring Clamp

by Anthony Smith,

Some of the tasks that experienced mechanics take for granted can be difficult for those new to auto repair. When looking at them, spring clamps offer no immediate visual cue on how to remove them. Removing them is actually very easy once you are armed with a little information.

Step 1

Locate the two prongs that protrude from the circular surface of the clamp.

Step 2

Grab a pair of pliers and adjust them to a setting that will allow them to open as wide as the distance between the prongs.

Step 3

Open the pliers and place them around both the prongs so as to squeeze them together.

Step 4

Squeeze the prongs together and the clamp will increase in diameter.

Continue to maintain pressure on the prongs and work the clamp back and forth until you are able to remove it.


  • Use longer handled pliers in order to gain more leverage when trying to open tough or stuck clamps.

Items you will need

  • Pair of pliers

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