Tips on How to Remove the Glue That Holds Car Window Clips

by Daniel Westlake

Window clips on cars are used for a number of different purposes. Typically the popular sports-team flags that people display outside the car are mounted with these window clips. Window clips can keep a window from rolling all the way up or down. If you have window clips that are affixed to the window with glue, you will have to remove them with special means, tools and solutions. There are a handful to choose from.

Chemical Solutions

There are a number of different chemical solutions meant for effectively removing tough adhesives from glass. These solutions should be poured and spread over the glue that holds the window clips to the window. Such a solution should loosen the glue and ultimately allow the window clips to be removed from the glass. Be careful not to use to much force when doing this, as too much force could crack the window. If the window clip is not easily removed, add more of the chemical solution to the glue and let it soak in. Look in your auto parts or retail store in the glues and tapes section for a suitable glue-removal product.

Razor Blades

Razor blades are helpful tools for trying to remove strong glue from the glass surfaces of car windows. These pieces of metal are sharp enough to get between the edge of the glue and the surface of the glass, and they allow you to pry and chisel the glue away. You should only drag or push a razor blade long ways across the surface of the glass, as scraping the blade vertically can scratch the glass, damaging it by leaving a lasting mark on the surface.

Heating Implements

Using heat to dry out the glue on the window may help remove glue or adhesive residue that once held window clips in place from the glass of a car window. Use a hair dryer or a small portable heater that you can set just above the glue on the window. Heating the glue helps to release the bond of the glue with the glass. Use these heating implements in combination with a razor blade or chemical solution.

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