How to Install a Windshield in a Ford F150

by Alibaster Smith

The Ford F150 is the most popular truck sold by Ford. It's considered a heavy-duty truck, meant for hauling and towing. Because of this, it should be no surprise that over time, it will accumulate its fair share of dings and dents. Stone chips in windshields are common among vehicles that are used for hauling, towing and other heavy-duty applications. However, when a stone chip turns into a crack, it may be time to replace the entire windshield before it spreads, shatters and makes a mess all over the inside of the truck. Once the Windshield has been removed, you'll need to know how to install a windshield in a Ford F150 properly so that it seals.

Step 1

Clean up any residual urethane after removing the old windshield with a razor blade. Cut the old urethane down to approximately 3 mm.

Step 2

Clean the pinchweld area on the F150 where the new windshield will be installed. Gently brush the area with a cleaning brush. Use water and clean rags to dry the area.

Step 3

Coat the frit band with urethane primer. The frit band is the black strip-edge running around the perimeter. The band has to be activated to open up the pores so that the urethane can adhere to the glass.

Step 4

Run a bead of urethane into the pinchweld area on the Ford F150 where the windshield will be placed using an electric caulk gun.

Step 5

Align the top, bottom and sides of the windshield and press the windshield into place.

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