Tips to Repair Car Audio & Navigation Products

by Scott Cornell

According to, car audio and GPS repair can be simple or difficult depending on the system and the problem. Because of this, before investing in professional help, it's a good idea to analyze the problem and see if it can be manually fixed. Causes of problems could be as simple as improper wire connections or incompatible audio equipment.

Distorted Sound

A common problem with car stereo equipment is distorted sound at high volumes. According to, this happens when the wattage of the radio is not high enough to drive the speakers. This can be solved by replacing the speakers with ones compatible to the radio. Another fix is to add an amplifier to the stereo system, which can be purchased as a kit at most audio or video stores.

No GPS Signal

After not using a GPS system for a period of time, it's common that the unit won't pick up a satellite signal when turned on. According to, this is because the unit's satellite data is out of date. Some units can recollect the information by themselves, but the process is lengthy. However, there is a way to speed the recollection of data. Refer to your user's manual for instructions on which commands can program on the unit so that the process speeds up and the unit can be functional faster.

Lack of Radio Channels

When a car radio only receives limited radio channels, the root of the problem could be several things, states Radioshack. It could be the result of improper wiring, a problematic antenna or a damaged radio. First, check the antenna circuit and rewire it if necessary, or replace the antenna. If the radio still isn't functioning properly, the problem could be that the radio itself needs to be serviced.

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