How to Tie a Cargo Net

by Robert Good

Using a cargo net to tie down your things during a move or trip is a good way to secure your belongings during travel. It's fast and easy to do by yourself in your driveway. You do not need any tools to tie the net.


Pull the cargo net over the stuff you need to secure. Position it so that each corner is at opposite ends and sides of the surface it will be covering. The cargo net should be big enough to cover all the things you are transporting.


Tie the front right corner of the net to an anchor point on the surface, using a square knot or other secure knot that will not slip. Do not leave much slack in the line when doing this.


Move around to each of the other corners of the cargo net and fasten them in turn. Make sure the lines are tight at all four corners and that the net is holding your cargo securely in place so it does not shift while in transit.


  • close If you do not secure the cargo net tightly, you risk serious injury to yourself or others.


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