How to Tell If Your Tundra Has a Tow Package

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski

Some Toyota Tundra trucks have a tow package, which is sometimes referred to as a towing package. This package consists of a hitch receiver and a transmission cooler. The transmission cooler is designed to provide extra protection for the transmission while you are towing. Rather than break down your engine compartment to inspect the transmission, you can use a simple method to determine if your Tundra has a tow package.

Step 1

Sit in the Tundra's driver side seat. Examine the middle part of the dash around the air conditioner control panel.

Step 2

Look for a button beneath the air conditioner control panel marked "Tow/Haul." This is the button Toyota recommends pushing when you are towing a trailer. If your Tundra has the button, it has a tow package. If it does not, the Tundra does not have a tow package.

Step 3

Step outside of the Tundra to the rear bumper. Look beneath the center of the rear bumper. You should see a metal object attached to the frame. The edge will be protruding from beneath the bumper. This square object is the hitch receiver.

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