How to Tell What Size Engine Your KTM Has

by Robert Good

KTM specializes in high-performance motorcycles. Motocross is the most popular type but KTM also makes enduro and road bikes. The engine sizes on these bikes vary considerably between models. The engine type and size depends on the model that you own. On the engine are two or three metal labels that indicate the engine size and type. The transmission also has a metal label that will tell you what type is installed.

Step 1

Park the KTM on a flat level surface in a place with plenty of light. Allow the engine to completely cool off before you proceed.

Step 2

Soak a sponge in water. Apply soap to the sponge and clean the top right and left side of the engine. Look at the sides of the engine just below the carburetor and the metal label will be in clear view. The label will give the size of the vehicle (e.g. "249cc") followed by six to ten numbers, the Vehicle Identification Number.

Step 3

Clean the rear of the transmission using the sponge. Just behind the suspension spring will be the metal label that will tell you what type the transmission is.

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