Synthetic Blend Oil Benefits

by Jay Motes
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Synthetic-blend oil offers a number of benefits that can help extend the life of an engine and improve performance. Synthetic oil does not break down like conventional oil, allowing it to provide increased protection for the engine. However, synthetic oil is much more expensive than conventional motor oil, which prompted manufacturers to mix the two products to make synthetic-blend oil, which provides added protection at a lower cost.


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The cost of synthetic-blend motor oil falls between conventional motor and synthetic motor oil. A majority of most synthetic-blend oils is composed of conventional oil, which makes the cost of the synthetic blend closer to conventional oil prices. Price is the primary reason that most consumers choose synthetic-blend oil over synthetic oil.

Start-up Protection

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One of the primary weaknesses of conventional oil is the time that it takes to reach important engine areas upon start-up. This is especially true in cold weather, when conventional oil flows more slowly. Synthetic oil flows more quickly and is not affected by the cold. While synthetic-blend motor oil does not protect as well at start-up as synthetic oil, it does provide a higher degree of protection than conventional oil.

Wear Protection

Synthetic oil blends offer improved wear protection over conventional oil. This is because synthetic oil is better able to withstand higher temperatures, being more resistant to breakdown and flowing well at a variety of temperatures. The presence of the synthetic oil in the blend provides a higher level of protection.

Oil Life

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Synthetic oil blends offer a longer period of protection than conventional oil but a shorter period than full synthetic oils. While conventional motor oil is normally changed after 3,000 to 5,000 miles, some brands of synthetic-blend oil claim protection for up to 7,500 miles.

Heavy-Duty Use

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Synthetic-blend oil protects a motor better under difficult conditions, such as pulling a boat or carrying a heavy load. This is because the synthetic oil in the blend does not break down at higher temperatures, as does conventional oil.

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