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The Speed Sensor Location on a 1995 Chevy Truck

by Marion Cobretti

The vehicle or variable speed sensor on your Chevrolet truck communicates with the on-board computer to help it determine how fast you’re traveling. The speed sensor also monitors the revolutions of the transmission. This helps the truck’s computer regulate shifting patterns. A defective variable speed sensor will cause the speedometer needle to jump around erratically or display the wrong vehicle speed. You can locate the speed sensor and replace it, if necessary, within 25 minutes.


Apply the emergency brake. Raise the truck with a hydraulic jack on the driver’s side, 4 inches behind the front tire.


Place a jack stand beneath the frame railing on the right side of the hydraulic jack. Lift the support arm on the jack stand until it equals the current height of the truck. Do not lower or remove the hydraulic jack.


Slide under your Chevy head-first, inline with the handle on the driver’s door. Once you’re beneath the truck, look at the lower rear section of the engine. The transmission also connects to the rear of the engine. It’s circular, made of metal and measures about 2 feet by 3 feet.


Follow the transmission away from the engine toward the back tires. Less than 2 feet away from the transmission and engine connecting point, you should see a round component bolted to the side of the transmission. This is the variable speed sensor.

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