How to Identify Ford Transmissions

by Russell Wood
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Building a custom car or truck includes putting together a drivetrain that's suited for your application, and one of those key aspects is the transmission. Finding that transmission is as easy as going to a junkyard or searching online, but determining what type of Ford transmission it is—and what gearing comes with it, what vehicle it was from and what application it's best for—takes a few steps.

Step 1

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Take a picture of the transmission. Take several shots of all angles, including the pan, the bellhousing and all the mounting points.

Step 2

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Measure the distance from the bellhousing to the rear of the transmission.

Step 3

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Look at the transmission pan and note the shape and the number of bolts. Here's how the transmissions break down:

C3: 13 to 15 bolts, rectangular pan C4: 10-by-9-inch pan with 11 bolts. There is also a bulge in the front passenger corner. C5: Similar pan to C4 but has a hump in the middle. C6: Rectangular pan that has 17 bolts. Longer on the front and rear than on the sides. AOD: Similar pan to C4 with corners angled slightly; 14 bolts secure the pan. 4R70W: Pan measures 15 inches long. E40D: Pan measures 20.5 by 13.5 inches and has 20 bolts. There is also a notch in the passenger side front corner.

Step 4

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Find the year of the vehicle the transmission came from.

C3: 1973 to 1984 C4: 1964 to 1986 C5: 1973 to 1986 C6: 1965 to 1991 A4LD: 1984 to 1995 AOD: 1981 to 1993 AODE: 1993 to 1996 4R70W: 1993 to present E40D: 1989 to present 4R100: 1998 to 2002 4R44E: 1995 to 2001 4R55E: 1995 to 2001 5R55E: 1996 to 2001

Step 5

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Find the model of the vehicle the transmission came from.

C3: Capri, Bobcat, Mustang, Mustang II, Pinto, Maverick, Granada, Fairmont, 200E, Bronco II, LTD, Ranger C4: Mustang, Maverick, Pinto, Bronco, Fairlane, Torino, LTD II, Falcons, 2000E, F100, F150, F250, Fairmont, Granada, LTD, E Series vans C5: F100, Ranger, F250, Fairmont, LTD, LTD II, Maverick, Mustang, E Series vans C6: F150, F250, F350, E Series vans, Fairlane, Torino, Mustang, Thunderbird, Bronco, F100, Falcon, LTD II, Ranger A4LD: Ranger, Turbo Coupe, Explorer, Aerostar, Bronco II, Granada, Mustang AOD: Mustang, Thunderbird, Crown Victoria, Lincoln Grand Marquis, Lincoln Towncar, Lincoln Mark series, Bronco, F100, F150, F250, LTD, E series vans AODE: F150, Mustang, Lincoln Grand Marquis, Lincoln Towncar, Lincoln Mark series, Crown Victoria 4R70W: F150, F250, Mustang, Thunderbird, Explorer, Lincoln Continental, Lincoln Mountaineer, Lincoln Grand Marquis, Lincoln Towncar, Crown Victoria, E Series vans E40D: F150, F250, F350, F450, Bronco, E Series vans 4R100: F150, F250, F350, F450, Excursion, Expedition 4R44E: Ranger, Explorer 4R55E: Ranger, Explorer 5R55E: Ranger, Explorer, Sportrac

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