Specs for a 1961 Ford F100

by Tom Lutzenberger
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The 1961 Ford F100 truck took advantage of a uni-body frame design in order to meet the needs of pickup truck consumers. This package introduced at the beginning of the 1960s attempted to change production direction, but it ultimately was rejected by the truck-buying market by the mid-1960s.

Engine Details

The F100 produced in 1961 came with a number of engine choices ranging from a 6-cylinder, inline option producing 137 horsepower in a 223-cubic-inch engine to an 8-cylinder Y-block engine choice producing 186 horsepower and measuring 292 cubic inches.

Transmission and Suspension

The truck engine was matched with a manual three-speed, Cummins NV 4500 transmission. A four-speed manual transmission and a three-speed automatic could be obtained as an upgrade. The shock- absorption system used gas dampners with an independent front end that worked separately from the rear suspension.

Body Work

The uni-body frame used a ladder-box design but the cabin and truck bed were one piece. The wheelbase of the truck covered 114 inches under the short frame and as much as 122 inches under the long-bed frame. The truck bed held 16 percent more space than the previous year's model due to the uni-body design.

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