Specifications for the Ford 555 Backhoe

by Carlos ManoUpdated December 28, 2018
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The Ford 555 was manufactured in 1983, but the series continued until the 1990's. The 555A started in 1984, the 555B began in 1985, the 555C started in 1988 and the 555D began in 1992. It is a diesel backhoe that can also be used as a loader in warehouses or barns.

Engine and Transmission

The 555 engine was a three-cylinder diesel for every model until the 555D, when it became a four-cylinder diesel. The 555 bore and stroke was 4.4 inches by 4.4 inches, the displacement was 201 cubic inches and the compression ratio was 16.3-to-1. The 555 developed 57 horsepower at 2,200 RPM and it developed 160 foot-pounds of torque at 1,200 RPM. It was liquid cooled with 15.3 quarts of coolant, and had a 7 quart oil capacity and a 12 volt battery. It had six forward gears and four reverse gears.


The 555 used 13 gallons of hydraulic fluid when used as a loader and 21 gallons when used as a backhoe. The pressure was 2,150 pounds per square inch. The valve flow was 27 gallons per minute and the steering flow was 5.9 gallons per minute. The steering capacity was 2 gallons. The fuel tank held 24 gallons, the steering held 2 quarts of oil and the rear axle held 33.9 quarts of oil. The dig depth was 185 inches and the dump angle 55 degrees. The original 555 had a 14-foot backhoe, but, starting with the 555A, a 15-foot backhoe became optional, although the 14 foot backhoe remained standard.


The weight of the 555 was 6,000 pounds when it was used as a loader and 13,750 pounds when it was used as a backhoe. The front axel load was 10,000 pounds and the rear axel load was 12,600 pounds. The wheelbase was 80 inches, the length as a loader was 180 inches, the length as a backhoe was 276 inches, the width was 81 inches, the cab height was 109 inches, the height with backhoe was 144 inches and the ground clearance was 12 inches. The front tread was 68 inches and the rear tread was 64 inches; the front tires were 750-16 and the rear tires were 19.9-24.

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