Specifications for 1995 8HP MTD Snowblower Engines

by Tim McQuade
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MTD has produced snowblowers and other yard-work machinery for decades. The 1995 MTD Yardman snowblower featured a Tecumseh 8 HP Snow King engine. Like MTD, Tecumseh has been producing engines and other equipment for small yard-work machinery for many years.

Engine Specifications

The 1995 MTD Yardman used a Tecumseh Snow King engine, model number HMSK80. The HMSK80 used a four-stroke engine, L-Head engine design. It had a power output of 8 horsepower, and a piston displacement of 305.67 cc. The bore by stroke measured 3.062 by 2.532 inches. The engine featured a recoil start, starting system, and the cylinder sleeve was cast iron. The engine also featured a muffler guard.


The Tecumseh Snow King 8-Horsepower engine had a height of 13.71 inches, a width of 17.89 inches and a depth of 15.11 inches. The engine had a total oil capacity of 26 ounces. The engine had an approximate weight of 57 pounds.

Engine Measurements

In 1995, the Tecumseh 8-Horsepower engine had an engine timing measurement of 0.09 inches before top-dead center. The valve clearance measured 0.008, and the valve seat width measured 0.042 inches. The valve guide measured 0.343 inches, and the crankshaft had an end play that measured 0.005 inches. The crankpin journal had a diameter of 1.186 inches, and the camshaft bearing measured 0.6230. At the bottom of the skirt, the piston diameter measured 3.119 inches.

Torque Specifications

These engine torque measurements apply to replacing components after disassembly, not simply for checking torque values. In the HMSK80, the cylinder head bolts had a torque value of 16.5 foot-pounds, and the connecting rod bolts had a torque value of 17.5 foot-pounds. The cylinder cover or flange had a torque value of 10.5 foot-pounds, and the flywheel nut had a torque value of 40 foot-pounds. The spark plug had a torque rating of 21 foot-pounds. The ignition mounting to stud torque value measured 4 foot-pounds. The intake pipe to cylinder had a torque rating of 10 foot-pounds, while the carburetor to the intake pipe had a torque value of 6 foot-pounds.

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