Specifications of a 1987 Ford F-250

by Andy Josiah
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The 1987 Ford F-250 kicked off the eighth production cycle for the half-ton version of the Ford Motor Company's popular F-series of full-size pickup trucks. Ford split the truck into base and heavy duty (HD) models, two-wheel and four-wheel drive train options, and cab sizes consisting of a regular cab, super cab and flareside cab (Ford discontinued the flareside for the next model year).

Engine, Transmission and Fuel Economy

Ford offered three standard engines for the 1987 model year of the F-250: a 4.9-liter inline six-cylinder engine with 150 horsepower and 260 foot-pounds of torque; a 5-liter V-8 engine that produces 185 horsepower and 275 foot-pounds of torque; and a 5.8-liter V-8 with 210 horsepower and 310 foot-pounds of torque. It offered a premium engine alternative for the '87 F-250, though; the 6.9-liter diesel V-8 option generates 170 horsepower and 310 foot-pounds of torque. The trucks have a three-speed manual transmission or a four-speed automatic gearbox with overdrive. The fuel economy range is 11 to 15 mpg for city driving and 14 to 17 mpg for highway driving.


Ford designed the regular cab- and flareside-equipped '87 F-250s to provide seating for up to three people, while designing the super cabs to accommodate twice as many people. Each truck has about 40 inches of headroom, 41 inches of legroom, 65 inches of shoulder room and 61 inches of hip room. Ford added rear space to the super cab trucks consisting of a 39-inch headroom, 29-inch legroom, 67-inch shoulder room and 61-inch hip room.


All versions of the 1987 Ford F-250 have two doors, share a width of 79 inches and ride on 16-inch wheels and tires. The regular cab and flareside cab trucks, however, measure 210 inches in length and 133 inches in wheelbase, while the super cabs have a length of 232 inches and a wheelbase of 155 inches. Depending on version, the truck's height is around 74 to 77 inches, and it has a curb weight range of around 3,900 lb. to 5,200 lb.

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