Specifications 1986 Honda Shadow VT700C

by Sean Mann

Honda introduced the Shadow motorcycle line in 1983. The shadow is a cruiser motorcycle with far forward foot pegs, a full-size look and a powerful V-twin engine. The Shadow's seating and foot peg placement differ dramatically from that of sports bikes. In 1984 the U.S. increased the tariffs on 750cc engines, so Honda replaced the 750cc engines with 700cc ones. The 1986 Shadow features a few mechanical upgrades and many cosmetic changes from the 1984 and 1985 versions.


The 1986 Shadow has a 694cc, single overhead cam, V-twin engine with dual 36 mm carburetors. The engine has a new polished look compared to previous models. The bore and stroke is 3.0 by 3.0 inches. The engine has 62 horsepower at 7,500 rpm and 45.5 foot-pounds of torque at 6,000 rpm.

Transmission, Brakes, Suspension and Gas mileage

The Shadow has a six-speed manual transmission with a shaft final drive. The bike has dual-disc front and drum rear brakes. The Shadow features an electric starter. The front suspension is a telescopic fork with 5.7 inches of travel. The rear suspension is a swing arm with 4.1 inches of travel. The Shadow holds 3.3 gallons and gets over 50 mpg.


Candy Brilliant Red and black are the two available colors for the Shadow. Several parts are now chrome that were painted in previous models. The mufflers are lowered, the front pegs are moved forward and the back rest is now optional. The wheels are now five-spoke instead of 10-spoke. The Shadow has a height of 47.2 inches, length of 86.2 inches and a width of 33.9 inches. Dry weight of the Shadow is 465.2 lbs. Fully loaded weight with gas and oil is 496 lbs.

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