How to Size a Motorcycle Helmet

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Motorcycles are not only thrilling to ride, but also very dangerous to handle. Therefore, it is important that you purchase a motorcycle helmet when learning how to motorcycle. Sizing a motorcycle is very easy. It will not take you very long to do and it will inevitably save your life when you purchase a helmet. Read on to learn how to size a motorcycle helmet.

Take a measuring tape and put it around your head, an inch above your eyebrows and just over your ears so that you can get the largest measurement of your head. Measure it a couple of times so you can get an average and consistent size for your head. You can measure in inches or centimeters.

Look at a measurement chart to see where the inches of your head correlate with the hat size of the motorcycle helmet. Pick the helmet size that goes with your measurement and then check for the following signs: The motorcycle helmet feels too tight on your head. Your head does not touch the top of your motorcycle helmet. You can't pull the helmet down completely over your ears. It's painful in any way. If any of these apply, ask for the next size larger.

Ask the sales associate to help measure your head for you so that you can get the best fitting helmet for your head, if you are unsure of your measurements or do not own a measuring tape. Don't be afraid to try on different styles of helmets since different name brands may fit the head differently. The sales associate will help you identify the best size for your head so that your helmet rests comfortably on your head.

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