How to Siphon Gas From One Car to Another

by Allen Moore
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If you own two cars and need to transfer gasoline from one to the other, you can do so with the right tool and about 20 minutes of free time. If one car is broken down, it's best not to transfer the gasoline if the car has been in that state for more than a month. Gasoline can begin to separate over time, significantly decreasing its ability to burn in an engine's combustion chamber. Keep this in mind when preparing to siphon the gas.

Step 1

Move both cars alongside one another in a manner that puts both fuel filler necks within several feet of one another.

Step 2

Remove the fuel caps on both cars.

Step 3

Slide the inlet hose on the automotive fluid pump down the filler neck of the car with the gasoline. Push the outlet hose down the filler neck of the car you want to fill with gasoline. You can purchase a pump at your local auto parts store.

Step 4

Follow the fluid pump's specific instructions to pump the gasoline from one car to the next. This usually entails holding the body of the pump firmly with one hand while you move or pump the handle up and down to draw the gasoline up the inlet hose and force it down the outlet hose.

Step 5

Continue pumping until you have siphoned the desired amount of gasoline and then remove both hoses from both cars and reinstall both fuel caps.

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