What Are the Benefits of Gasoline Cars?

by Neal Litherland
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With all of the discussion about global warming and alternative energy, people seem to be constantly looking for ways to improve vehicles that run on something other than gasoline. However, there are a number of benefits and advantages that gasoline-powered cars have over alternative-powered vehicles. Until alternative power can match the benefits in place, gasoline-powered cars are more likely to remain kings of the road.


One of the biggest difficulties people who drive hybrids encounter, according to CarSeek.com, is that hybrids just don't have the power that a gasoline-powered engine can provide. Hybrid vehicles accelerate slowly; and while they can easily do the posted speed limit, they aren't capable of reaching the higher rates of speed that gasoline-powered engines can. Additionally, when accelerating from a full stop, there is a delay in a hybrid vehicle that a gasoline engine doesn't have.


One of the biggest advantages that gasoline cars have going for them is their infrastructure. The demand for gasoline requires drilling teams to locate petroleum, refineries that turn it into gas, trucks that deliver it and service stations that sell it. This constantly running machine means that people who have a gasoline-powered car don't have to look very far to find the fuel that they need, usually at a fairly common market price. People who drive alternative-powered vehicles may not have this convenience.


Comparatively-speaking, gasoline-powered cars are by far the cheaper option on the market. Gasoline-powered cars cost thousands of dollars less than hybrid models, and even less than natural gas or fuel cell vehicles. The market is filled with gasoline-powered cars, and many people would be much more willing to buy a car at a lower price (especially if that car's parts can easily be purchased if repairs are needed) than they would be to buy a car at a much higher price (with potentially higher repair costs down the road).

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