How to Sign Over a Car Title in Georgia

by Eric Ervin
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Once you surrender ownership of a vehicle in Georgia, you must sign over its title. Your Georgia car title displays the names and addresses of all owners and lienholders. The title also gives a description of the vehicle, including the make, model, production year, color, odometer reading, engine type and date the vehicle was purchased, which is the date all liens were paid off.

Step 1

Pay off all debt or liens against the car that are owned by a bank, credit union or loan company to acquire a Georgia Certificate of Title. Contact the financial institution that held the loan if the title is not mailed to your home within a month. If necessary, use your billing statement or loan-satisfaction letter to prove that you have paid off the loan. Store the title in a secure place.

Step 2

Sell the car. Then go to the Georgia Department of Revenue's website to download a Georgia Bill of Sale. Fill out the bill of sale by entering the date of purchase, your name, your address, the vehicle’s make and model year, the vehicle identification number, lien information and the vehicle mileage information. If the vehicle sale was ordered by a judge, enter the court order case number and Georgia Tax ID number.

Step 3

Complete back side of the title. Enter the transfer of title date, the purchaser’s name and address, the purchaser’s county of residence and the odometer reading. Enter your name and signature. Have the purchaser enter his name and sign the back of the title in the appropriate field. The title does not need to be notarized.

Step 4

Hand over the title. Give the signed title to the new owner. Give the new owner the original bill of sale. Keep a copy for your personal records, in case a problem occurs in the future.

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