How to Ship a Motorcycle to the Philippines

by Jesse Dempsen
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Whether you're moving overseas or selling a motorcycle to a foreign buyer, getting a motorcycle to the Philippines can be a tricky proposition. Fortunately, there are a number of shipping companies and websites that include calculators to help to give an estimate on the cost of shipping vehicles, including motorcycles, to a variety of destinations. From there, you can decide the cost-effectiveness of shipping your motorcycle to the Philippines, and the best way to go about doing it.

Step 1

Find a company or service that ships vehicles to the Philippines. Most of these services operate out of major cities, either with ocean ports or large airports, depending on whether they offer air or ocean shipping. Many offer online shipping estimates, so you can compare prices from a variety of the companies before choosing one.

Step 2

Get estimates from different shipping services, either using their online estimate forms or by calling them directly. You'll need to know information like the desired shipping date, the location you'll be shipping it from and the preferred destination. Once you've price-checked, select a company and schedule the shipment with them.

Step 3

Take the motorcycle to the shipping destination at the scheduled time. Follow all directions given to you by the shipping company regarding how to deliver the vehicle into their care.

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