How to Shift a Jeep Liberty Into Four Wheel Drive

by Christian Killian
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The Jeep Liberty is equipped a 4-speed, four-wheel drive system called “Command –Trac.” The system provides two-wheel drive, neutral, four-wheel drive high range and four-wheel drive low range positions. Shifting the Jeep into four-wheel drive may become necessary on slippery or icy roads, and switching between the high and low range may become necessary if the road conditions deteriorate as you travel on them. The four-wheel drive is also very helpful if you travel off highway.

Step 1

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Grasp the transfer case shifter on your Jeep and shift from two-wheel drive to four-wheel drive high range by pulling straight back on the shifter from "2H" to "4H." This shift can be made at any speed less than 55 miles per hour, without stopping. The case will shift easier if you ease off the throttle as you move the lever.

Step 2

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Slow the vehicle to two or three miles per hour if you must shift the transfer case to four-wheel drive low range. Shift you transmission to neutral then grasp the transfer case shifter. With the Jeep still coasting, shift the transfer case quickly from "4H" into "N" and from "N" into the "4L" position.

Step 3

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Shift the transmission back into gear and slowly accelerate. Do not drive your Jeep over 25 miles per hour in low range, or you will damage the transfer case. Shifting back up through the gears is the reverse of the procedure in the preceding steps.

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