How to Set Up Headphones in a Honda Pilot

by Jason Unrau

Honda's rear entertainment system enables rear-seat passengers to listen to a separate source of entertainment than the front passengers. The system can play a separate AM/FM or XM radio station or a different CD or DVD for rear occupants.

Honda Pilot models with a rear entertainment system come equipped with two sets of wireless headphones; however, the system can also be used with wired headphones.

Wireless Headphones

Turn on the headphones by pivoting the left earpiece outward.

Fit the headphones onto your head with the band across the crown of your head and adjust band for comfort. Orient the headphones with the earpieces on the correct ear. Poor reception or audio quality can result if you put the headphones on incorrectly.

Power on the rear seat entertainment system by pressing the power button. Select the desired source. Adjust the volume as desired.


If the wireless headphones do not work, replace the batteries with new ones. Insert batteries in the orientation shown on the headphone battery slot.

Turn off the headphones by rotating the left earpiece inward so that the batteries don't drain unnecessarily.

Wired Headphones

  • Locate the wired headphone connector jacks on the back of the center console.  Plug the headphone connector  in securely. 
  • Don the headphones, orienting them in the correct manner as indicated on earpieces.  
  • Power on the rear-seat entertainment system and select the desired source.  Adjust the volume as desired.

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