How to Troubleshoot a GM Rear Entertainment System

by Erick Kristian
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Troubleshooting the rear of a GM entertainment system most likely will involve a blown speaker, loose connection or faulty head unit. The costs associated with each issue vary. Always disconnect the power wire from the battery when working with the vehicle's electrical system.

Troubleshoot the Rear Speakers

Step 1

Turn on the stereo and put your ear to each speaker to hear which ones are working. Once the affected speakers have been identified, turn off the stereo.

Step 2

Remove the head unit for the GM vehicle. The exact process will vary from model to model but likely will involve the dash being carefully pulled back using a flathead screwdriver.

Step 3

Make sure all the wires are securely attached to the back of the head unit.

Step 4

Obtain the wiring diagram for the model being worked on. This can be done by contacting the GM dealership.

Step 5

Determine which wires lead to the rear speakers. Strip those wires and apply a circuit tester to them. Turn on the stereo, and if the circuit tester registers, the issue is not with the head unit. If the circuit tester does not register a signal, than it is an issue with the head unit.

Step 6

Replace the fuses if it is an issue with the head unit. If this still does not solve the problem, than the whole head unit may need to be replaced.

Step 7

Remove the speakers, if the circuit tester registered a signal. Check to make sure the connection with the speakers and the wire is intact.

Remove the speaker and apply the circuit tester to the speaker wires. Turn on the stereo. If the circuit tester does not register the signal, than there is a short in the line somewhere. Replace the speaker wire in that case. If it does, register than the speakers themselves will need to be replaced.

Troubleshoot the Rear Entertainment System (DVD/TV)

Step 1

Check the wiring on the back of the DVD and TV system. Sometimes children may pull on the wires connecting to the DVD and TV if they are exposed. Reconnect any loose wires.

Step 2

Open the fuse box for the vehicle. This is normally located under the steering column on the vehicle. Replace the fuse for the rear entertainment system. There will be a label that indicates which fuse goes to the rear entertainment system.

Step 3

Try another DVD. The entertainment system may not be the problem at all. A scratched or worn DVD may not play in any DVD player. Try a newer and undamaged DVD to see if it plays.

Step 4

Put the car in park and then turn it off. Disconnect the negative power cable from the battery. Leave it disconnected for 30 seconds then reconnect it. This will reset the car's electronic systems, including the rear entertainment system. Most errors should be corrected with this action.

Take the car to an authorized GM mechanic, as one of the components may be broken.

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