How to Sell Used Volvo Parts

by Zoe Maletta

According to the Official Volvo Register, and as the slogan "Volvo for Life" suggests, many Volvos last well past the 300,000-mile mark. If you have a used Volvo part to sell, there's likely a needy Volvo still chugging down the road. Read on to see how you can find that needy Volvo and make some extra cash.

Step 1

Itemize your used Volvo parts in a spreadsheet or on paper. In the first column, record the name of the part. In the second column, record the part's serial number. In the third column, record the year and the complete make and model number of the Volvo the part came from. In the last column, write down the engine type. In some cases, missing one of these details can easily lead to selling the wrong part to your buyer. For example, late 1980s Volvo 700 models used two types of transmissions depending on the engine type--V6 or 4 cylinder. Details make a difference.

Step 2

Price your used Volvo parts and decide if you'll take a best offer. If so, determine how low you will go. If unsure how to price your parts, look up each part on eBay to see what they're going for. When you get the search results, filter your list to exclude shipping cost, and then sort by highest price first, noting that price. Then sort by lowest price first, noting that price. Choose a price that falls between these two prices.

Step 3

Decide whether you plan to sell your Volvo as a "parts car" or if you want to sell each part individually. Don't be surprised when you're asked this question from a buyer--have an answer ready and be firm.

Step 4

Advertise your used Volvo parts locally first. Selling used auto parts locally saves you the hassle of shipping heavy parts and saves the buyer money. For immediate ad exposure, start with your local Craigslist. Post your used Volvo as a parts car or list each part separately.

Step 5

Call your local Volvo technician. As foreign cars, Volvos often require maintenance that varies from the auto industry standard. Many auto mechanics are trained to become licensed Volvo technicians. Look for your local Volvo mechanic and tell him what you have for sale. Volvo technicians service all years, makes and models of Volvos. It is not unusual for a technician to keep a customer waiting while he looks for just the right part. Yours could be it.

Step 6

Visit online Volvo forums. Two of the leading forums are and Check the threads for comments from those looking for parts. Be sure to check out the classified sections, too.

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