How to Search for Wisconsin License Plate Numbers

by Alexandra Bee
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Whether you’re looking for a friend or a family member’s vehicle, or you just want information on a specific vehicle, you can easily use the Internet’s free services to look up data on Wisconsin license plates. License plate searches are free and available to anyone with Internet access and the required information to search for the plate.

Step 1

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Open your computer’s default Internet browser (such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla FireFox).Visit a safe, trustworthy license plate searching website.

Step 2

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Locate the license plate search bar and options, and select “Wisconsin” from the “State” drop down menu. This will narrow down the license plate search to cars only registered in Wisconsin.

Step 3

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Enter any additional details regarding the car (if the website prompts you for further information) in order to find the best possible search results. Some websites allow reverse searches if you are unaware of the license plate number. These searches require information such as the person’s name and address in order to find information on their vehicle. These are also available for free online. Depending on the license plate look-up service you choose to use, enter all of the details you have handy in order to receive the most accurate results. Press “Search” to allow the website to run its database, matching any entries with your search preferences. The results will show license plate information as well as any contact information the website generates for the public.

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