Rubbermaid Rooftop Carrier Instructions

by Elizabeth Falwell
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Rubbermaid's Rooftop Car Carrier is a fabric-style carrier that offers 15 square feet of storage space. The carrier -- model number 901R -- comes with a 38-by-38-inch nylon bag and a fastening system for easy installation.

Step 1

Inspect your vehicle to make sure it has a four-sided roof rack. Because this carrier's fastening system has clips on four sides, Rubbermaid warns drivers that strapping this carrier to anything other than a four-sided roof rack could cause the storage system to fall off.

Step 2

Load the desired contents into the Rubbermaid Rooftop Car Carrier.

Step 3

Zip the compartment closed. This product has a fabric lip that can be pulled over the outside of the zipper, further protecting it -- and the items inside -- from opening while you're on the road.

Step 4

Lift the bag onto the roof of your vehicle. Place it firmly onto the center of your vehicle's roof between the four-sided roof rack.

Step 5

Place the center of the fastening system on top of the center of the storage bag.

Step 6

Unhook the clips on one side of the fastening system (there will be two sets of clips and straps on each side of the system, for a total of eight sets). Loop the free end of the strap through the bottom of the vehicle's roof rack and clip it back into the hook. Repeat with the clip and strap on the same side of the fastening system, before fastening the six other sets of clips and straps on the three other sides of the system.

Step 7

Tighten the straps as much as necessary while keeping the center of the fastening system on top of the center of the storage bag.

Step 8

Test the storage bag to see how much it moves. It should wiggle as little as possible. Re-tighten the straps until you get the most secure fit possible.

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