How to Get Rid of the Governor on a Car

by Jennifer Eblin

The governor is an electronic device placed on older vehicles by the car manufacturer. It places a limit on the car's engine so that it can only reach a specific speed, usually under 100 mph. Though manufacturers switched to another system, there are still vehicles on the road with a governor inside the engine. Those who want to get rid of the piece need to start by finding out when the car was made.

Step 1

Check the year of your vehicle before you attempt to remove the governor. Manufacturers stopped using governors in 1997-1998 and switched to a program that's wired into the computer system. If your car was made after 1997-1998, the governor is hardwired into the computer program of the car.

Step 2

Decide if you have the right technical know-how to reprogram the computer yourself or whether you plan on sending it to a third party. Third parties are available to fix the governor or computer, but you need to send the chip from your computer.

Step 3

Purchase a power programmer from an auto parts store. The power programmer overrides your current computer system and forces the system to adhere to the new speed limits put in place. The system comes with all of the information needed to install it onto your car.

Step 4

Remove the computer program from your car. Be aware that this will leave your car in non-working condition for several days while you program the computer. The power programmer includes directions on how to remove the old system without causing damage to the car.

Step 5

Install the new power programmer into your car or have it done by a trained professional. The power programmer is fairly affordable and removes the governor by replacing the speed limits put in place by the manufacturer. As long as you have access to this programmer, you can easily get rid of your old governor.

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