How to Clear Toyota Tundra Engine Codes

by Skip Shelton
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The Toyota Tundra's engine systems are controlled and monitored by the Engine Control Unit (ECU). The ECU captures engine data and determines if systems are in a warning or failure state. When a system or component is not functioning within tolerance, the ECU will be triggered to display a code when queried. Some codes trigger instrument panel notifications (such as a check engine light or service light). Engine codes are typically stored in the ECU until they are cleared.

Step 1

Determine and address the cause of the engine code. Codes triggered by part failure or engine system malfunction should be addressed prior to clearing the code.

Step 2

Clear the Toyota Tundra's engine code with an OBD-II reader. An OBD-II reader that is capable of clearing codes may be used to clear specific or all codes stored by the Engine Control Unit (ECU). Access the OBD-II port beneath the driver's side dash and attach the reader. Turn the unit on; access the codes and clear codes as necessary.

Step 3

Remove the negative terminal to the vehicle's car battery to remove power to the ECU. Leave the battery disconnected for approximately five minutes and re-attach. The ECU will be clear of codes.

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