How to Reset the Oil Message Light on a Chrysler Sebring

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski
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The Chrysler Sebring may come with Chrysler's "Oil Minder" system, though not all models are equipped with this feature. If you are seeing a "Change Oil" message beneath your speedometer, your Sebring has the feature. Once you have changed the vehicle's oil, you'll need to reset the system. If you have not changed the oil yet, don't reset the system until after you do, if you want the vehicle to prompt you correctly when the time has come for the next oil change. Instead, simply press "Menu" on the information-center control to hide the message until you have the chance to change the oil, then reset the Oil Minder.

Step 1

Sit in your Chrysler Sebring's driver-side seat. Put the key in, and then turn it to "On/Run." Starting the engine is not required.

Step 2

Push the accelerator pedal to the floor three times; be sure to do this fairly quickly (within 10 seconds).

Step 3

Turn the key to "Lock" and remove it. Re-insert it, and then start the engine. Verify that the oil message is gone.

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