How to Reset the Heater Controls in a Chrysler

by Patrick Nelson

Some Chrysler vehicles come equipped with manual heating and air conditioning, three-zone temperature controls and, on some vans, manual climate controls for the rear passengers. An automatic temperature control or ATC is also an option on some vehicles. The ATC may include a temperature lock button that prevents passengers in the back from adjusting the heater controls. This option can be disabled, allowing the heater controls to be used again. The ATC can also temporarily be switched to manual mode but must be reset to automatic after the manual operation has been completed. Sync functions and units of measurements can also be reset.

Step 1

Press and release the rear-lock button on the ATC control panel to reset the rear heater controls. The button is labeled "Rear" and is imprinted with a padlock icon. Pressing the button toggles the rear-lock feature lock on and off.

Step 2

Reset the ATC back to Automatic mode by pressing the automatic temperature button marked "Auto." Look for the word "Auto" to appear on the display, confirming "Manual" mode has been disabled and the system has been reset to automatic.

Step 3

Press the "Sync" button to reset the ATC so that all zones are set by the master temperature control on the driver's side.

Step 4

Reset the units of measurement by using the Electronic Vehicle Information Center -- known as the EVIC -- in the dash, if the display is given in metric units and you want to change it to English units. This element is not reset from the ATC controller; instead, you must choose "Display Units of Measure" in the EVIC to make the change.

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