How to Reset the Code to Unlock Doors on a 1999 Ford Explorer

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski

Many Ford vehicles, including the 1999 Explorer, have an exterior-keypad that can be used to unlock the doors. This feature is helpful, particularly if you cannot find your keys and need to get inside the vehicle. In order to reset your Explorer's keypad code, you'll need to obtain the master-override code, which resets the programmed-keypad. This code was included with your Explorer when it was originally sold. A trip to a Ford-service department may be necessary if you cannot find the code--the dealer will connect the Ford-Scan tool to the computer module to retrieve the master code.

Step 1

Find your Explorer's master-keypad code. This code is printed on a credit card-sized slip and included with the original owner's manual case. Look inside the case to find the five-digit override code.

Step 2

Type the master code on the keypad. Within five seconds of entering the code, press the "1/2" button.

Step 3

Press the "7/8" and "9/0" simultaneously, within five seconds of pressing "1/2." This erases the custom code. At this point, you can use the override code or you can continue to program a custom code.

Step 4

Enter the master code to begin programming your custom code. Within five seconds of entering the master code, press the "1/2" button.

Enter the code you want to use to unlock the doors within five seconds of pressing "1/2."


  • In some cases, the master code may be stamped on other parts of the vehicle, such as in the engine bay, the glove-box compartment or beneath the rear-cargo liner. Check these locations if you cannot find your master code. Look for a sticker with a five-digit number on it. This sticker is not included on all Explorers.

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