How to Reprogram a Pontiac Car Remote

by Paul Dohrman

There are many sets of remote programming instructions for different models and model-years of Pontiacs. One set uses the radio fuse. Another uses a data link port under the driver's side of the dashboard. Another uses a wire behind the lining of the trunk. Models differ on which side of the trunk to look. Some model-year combinations don't allow the owner to program the remote but require a visit to the dealership. This is to be avoided, when possible, since it can cost upwards of $100 per remote. Therefore, it's desirable to determine the instructions for your specific model-year combination.

Connector Wire

Open the trunk. Look on the right-hand side for a single white and black wire. This is the "programming connector wire." You may need to pull down some of the lining to see it.

Ground the wire's end to a piece of unpainted metal connected to the car's frame, such as a bolt or the trunk latch. Leave it in contact for the duration of the programming procedure.

Listen for the power doors to lock and unlock, which confirms you successfully grounded the wire and are now in programming mode.

Press any button on the first keyless remote. The door locks should cycle again to confirm that programming was successful.

Repeat Step 4 for any other remote that you want to reprogram, including any that previously worked as the programming mode erased their permissions from the computer's memory.

Unground the programming connector wire to exit the programming mode.

Radio Fuse

Turn the ignition key to "Off."

Open the fuse box and remove the radio fuse. If you can't identify it by sight, use the operating manual or reference one available online.

Cycle the ignition key from "Off" to "Run" three times in five seconds, ending in the "Run" position. The locks will cycle to confirm that you've entered the programming mode.

Hold the "Lock" and "Unlock" buttons on the first remote until the power locks cycle again. This will take about 15 seconds. This erases all prior remotes from the computer's memory so they will have to be reprogrammed as well.

Turn the ignition to "Off." Then replace the radio fuse.


  • check Because of the wide number of instruction sets, you can also find your model and model-year at

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