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How to Replace Windshield Wipers in a Jeep Grand Cherokee

by Contributor

After you have used your Jeep Grand Cherokee's windshield wipers for a year or longer, they'' function less efficiently. To keep your vision field clear, replace the wipers regularly. You can change your Jeep Grand Cherokee wipers with Bosch brand replacements.

Step 1

Determine the wipers that you need to replace in your Jeep Grand Cherokee. If you need a front replacement, the manufacturer recommends that you change both the driver and passenger side simultaneously. Jeep Grand Cherokee models have a rear wiper as well.

Step 2

Order the Bosch windshield wipers from Auto Parts Fair. You can order the 20-inch front wiper set and 13-inch rear wiper for Jeep Grand Cherokees that were made from 1993 to 2004.

Step 3

Place the wipers vertically on your clean windshield. Use a step stool or ladder to access the wipers of your Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Step 4

Use the Bosch DirectConnect System in order to easily release and change the windshield wipers on your Jeep Grand Cherokee. Press the release tab and then easily slide out the wipers that you need to replace.

Install the new set of windshield wipers on your Jeep Grand Cherokee. You're going to put the new wipers through the adapter of the wiper arm. Run it over the grooves until you hear them snap in place.


  • You can purchase specialty wipers from Bosch for your Jeep Grand Cherokee. The all-weather type work better in snowy and icy driving conditions.

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