How to Install Wiper Linkage Bushings

by Alexander Callos

Windshield wiper linkage bushings help hold the windshield wiper in place. They are found underneath the hood of the automobile and are necessary for the wiper arm and the blade to work properly. These linkage bushings can become damaged through constant use and need to be replaced. They are small pieces of plastic that need to be carefully installed for the wipers to work correctly.

Step 1

Pull the wipers straight out away from the windshield. Press down on the tab and slide the wiper outward to remove it from the arm. Repeat the process for the wiper on the other side. Remove the wiper arm with a socket wrench. Loosen the hex nut holding the wiper arm in place and set it aside. Pull the wiper assembly off and repeat the process for the wiper on the other side.

Step 2

Pull up the screen on the front of the windshield of the vehicle to access the wiper assembly. Locate both the long and short rod along with two pivots and an actuator rod attached to wiper motor shaft. Remove the three screws holding each pivot in place with a Phillips screwdriver. Loosen and remove the hex nut holding the actuator rod in place with a socket wrench. Pull the entire assembly out of the drain box.

Step 3

Pop the hood and disassemble the rods and pivots. Pry up all of the plastic linkage bushings with a flat head screwdriver. Slide the screwdriver under the bushings and pull up. Throw all of the old bushings away. Lay out all of the new bushings and make sure there are three caps and one with a hole all the way through it.

Step 4

Push the bushings into the rod holes with a pair of pliers. Set them on the rod holes and carefully push them into place. Connect the actuator pin coming from the motor to the bushing. Snap it into place and repeat the process for all of the linkage bushings.

Step 5

Reassemble the wiper assembly just like it was removed but in the opposite order. Attach the wipers and turn on the vehicle. Test the wipers to make sure they are working properly.

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