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How to Replace Windshield Wipers in a Ford Explorer

by Contributor

Since 1990, the Ford Explorer has been an extremely popular sports utility vehicle. This mid-size SUV can handle multiple terrains, which makes it essential to have wipers in perfect working condition. You can use the pin type of wipers from Bosch to replace your Ford Explorer wipers.

Step 1

Determine which wipers you plan to replace in your Ford Explorer. The Ford Explorer has two front wipers and a single rear wiper. You'll probably need to replace the front set more often than the back.

Step 2

Order the Explorer's windshield wipers from Car Parts Wholesale. You can find the Bosch wiper replacements for Explorers manufactured between 2002 and 2007. The front wipers measure 20 inches while the rear is 16.7 inches. For models prior to 2007, order the Bosch kit that contains the 22 inch front wipers. Rear length stays the same.

Step 3

Pull the wiper arm away from the Explorer's windshield. You'll probably want to position the wipers vertically in order to have easier access.

Step 4

Locate the lock pin on the wipers. In order to remove the old set of windshield wipers, you're going to have to press down on the lock pin. Pull the wipers towards the windshield in order to remove them.

Take the new wiper and slide it into place. You're going to position it in the same spot as the former wiper. Once you hear a click, you know that it's correctly in place. Repeat the process for the passenger and rear wiper if needed.


  • Don't forget to test out your new windshield wipers. You won't want to get caught in bad weather with incorrectly installed wipers.

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