Replace an Acura Mdx Rear Wiper

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski
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Acura recommends inspecting and replacing if necessary the rear wiper blade on the Acura MDX at the same time you do so for the front wiper blades. This service interval is once every six months, although it is possible the wiper blade may last up to twelve months under ideal conditions. Acura does not advise owners to user wiper blades older than twelve months. Replacing the rear wiper blade requires no tools and should only take you about five minutes.

Step 1

Step to the rear of the Acura MDX. Grasp the edge of the rear wiper blade and pull it toward you. The rear wiper blade will point back at a 90 degree angle. This is the "service position."

Step 2

Pinch the top end of the blade with your fingers. Pull the blade out of the rear wiper arm firmly. It should slide right out.

Step 3

Inspect your replacement wiper blade. Most blades come with reinforcements (metal strips on the sides). If your new blade does not have reinforcements, grasp the reinforcements on the old blade, slide them out, and insert them into the sides of the new blade.

Step 4

Push the new wiper blade into the wiper arm fully to guide it into the slot. Push the wiper arm back against the rear glass to finish.

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