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How to Replace Windshield Wipers in a Chevy Avalanche

by Contributor

When you own an all terrain pickup, like the Chevy Avalanche, you need wipers that work well. You may take it through muddy and wet terrains often and rely on the wipers for good visibility. If your wipers dull or break, you'll need to buy a replacement set. You can easily replace the Avalanche's wipers with a replacement set from ACDELCO.

Step 1

Get a low price on the windshield wiper blades. Check out the discounts available on Best Value Auto Parts for their ACDELCO Chevy Avalanche wiper replacement set. Purchase the all season wiper blades that fit models from 2002 to 2006.

Step 2

Take a screwdriver and insert it into the spring release of the blade saddle. You'll want to use the screwdriver to push down on the clip found inside of it. You can now easily pull the old blade out of the arm.

Step 3

Push the blade saddle onto the mounting pin of the wiper arm of your Chevy Avalanche. Position the new blade so that the spring clip engages the pin of the new blade. Shake the arm slightly to make sure that you have placed the new blade securely inside.

Test the new wiper blades on your windshield. You'll want to make sure that you have fastened them correctly; otherwise the metal arm can scratch your windshield.


  • You can find other types of replacement kits to use on your Chevy Avalanche. Your auto parts store may carry Trico or Anco brand sets.
  • Remember to position your wiper arms in a vertical position and then turn off the car. Don't pull the wiper arms into position manually; you can burn out the motor.

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