How to Replace the Windshield on a Subaru

by Nathaniel Miller

Cracked windshields are a sure ticket in most states, but going to a shop to get a replacement put in can be expensive and time-consuming. The obvious solution is to replace the windshield yourself. Replacing the windshield on your Subaru is not too difficult, but it will take some practice.

Step 1

Slide the screwdriver under the weatherstripping surrounding the perimeter of the old windshield, and pull the stripping off.

Step 2

Use the razor blade to go around the edge of the windshield and cut it free from the silicone sealant.

Step 3

Gently pry the edges of the windshield away from the car frame, using the small crowbar; then have a helper assist you in removing the windshield from the frame.

Step 4

Use the razor blade and sandpaper to remove any residue from the edges of the frame. Prep the metal frame by applying bonding agent to the edge of the frame and to the edge of the new windshield.

Step 5

Caulk a small bead around the entire windshield frame, then have your helper assist in lifting the new windshield into place. Press the windshield firmly.

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